4CHOICE - live cultures and solutions for plant-based products

lactic ferments lactose-free for vegetable products

The range of cultures for plant-based cultured products intended for vegan, vegetarian, and lactose intolerant consumers

The demand forlactose-free or plant-based foods和饮料不断增加,民主党and for alternative products to the classic milk or yoghurt of animal origin.4Choiceis the new Sacco System range ofculturescomposed of cultures, free of known allergens and products of animal origin, suitable for vegan products.

Theculturesof the 4Choice range are perfect for plant-based fermented products and drinks based on pulses, cereals, coconut, nuts and drupes, which ensure texture, flavour and aroma development.

All the range oflactic cultures 4Choice are naturally lactose-freeand certified in accordance with the demand for ingredientswithout allergens, without soy, and without GMOs根据视频博客“Ohne Gentechnik”。

The 4Choice range ensures acontrolled and uniform production of fermented productsof plant origin of each type (set, stirred, high protein, drink or diluted) and are available in bothversions lyophilized(Lyofast) andfrozen(Cryofast).

4Choice cultures for plant-based products:a solution for every need!

The 4Choice cultures range for plant-based fermented products are designed to support product developers of plant-based cultured products:

  • Starter cultures:for plant-based spoonable and drinkable fermented specialities. Developed to improve the level of viscosity and guarantee good performance during fermentation.
  • Mild starter cultures:to ensure a production with less sugar and allow low post-acidification during the shelf life.
  • Adjunct cultures: effective solutions to improve the sensory profiles of plant-based fermented products, limiting the use of ingredients often perceived as artificial.
  • Mesophilic starter cultures:solutions made to expand the portfolio of fermented products of vegetable origin, allowing you to dictate the trends in your market and customise the taste of your products.
  • 4Protection cultures:special protective food cultures to control and preserve the finished product from alterations, naturally preventing the development of unwanted microorganisms.
  • Hypoallergenic probiotics: solutions that guarantee the creation of a healthy, hypoallergenic product, which combines the beneficial properties typical of probiotic bacteria
  • Tailor-made solutions: specific crops of customised cultures for plant-based fermented products, for a finished product exactly as you want it!


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4Choice - Live Cultures and Solutions for Plant-based Products | Sacco System
A range of lactic acid bacteria for plant-based fermented products designed for vegans, vegetarians and consumers with lactose intolerance